About Maresa

From a good friend...

"It feels like I have known Maresa forever - certainly all my truly adult life. She has always been a person of tremendous purpose and passion in whatever she has done. She has energy and an eye for detail and a tremendous sense of fun and appreciation of the natural world.

We all go on an adventure through life and often an interest can become more...

This has happened with Maresa, whose love of photography has developed with her over the years. Armed with increasingly serious kit around her neck she now takes fabulous photos at every opportunity she sees.

She has built an extremely rewarding career in retail - self propelling herself and now has combined her 2 strengths to launch her MeeZeeGee Images website. We who know her, (and she does have a wide circle of contacts and friends) have been privileged to appreciate her products for sometime and I am sure you will all love her views on life.

Her cards and stationery are so useful to have - there is an image for any occasion it will uplift the spirit with beauty, or humour or just make one reflect!

We all wish her success. 

Good Luck Maresa, so glad you are sharing your images with a wider world."


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